All But Glten owners


We are 2 foodies who met and explored their love of food for many years. For many a year, Claire suffered with abdominal pain with no known cause and with being messed around by GPs for just as long she set on a mission to figure it out herself. What was the main cause? Gluten intolerance.


Nick – An ace Accountant turned baker (so his mug on his table says anyway). What a career move 🤯. During the pandemic, he had to step back from his role to help out in the family business. Once the company was back on its feet, he thought that he would love nothing more than to work 24/7, so convinced Claire that this would be a smart move!!

Claire – Active Renal Nurse who just had a special knack for baking gluten-free goodies! She never gave up, perfecting her recipes to ensure everyone would always be happy to receive her delicious treats.


One night after a long week, Nick was driving home. 3 months into a GF diet, all he wanted was a delicious sweet treat (preferably not tasting like cardboard mixed with sawdust).

Coming home, there was A BLUEBERRY MUFFIN. Not just any muffin, the best GF muffin in the world (maybe) . They had a chat and decided to put their talents together and the business was registered that very night.

From then followed many months of baking and testing through our wonderful followers we had before we even launched. Then on 7th June 2021, our online store was OPEN!!

In the first year we have gone from strength to strength, cementing our position in the GF market. Supplying across various outlets in Scotland and to all our fantastic customers!

All but gluten bakery


All But Gluten is a family run business focused on providing those who can not tolerate gluten with wholesome baked goods with only the best quality ingredients. No flavourings or colourings will ever be accepted in any of our recipes. The vast majority of our products are free from Palm oil and also soya free. Our chocolate is sustainably farmed and our packaging is 100% recyclable.

We aim to become one of the best gluten free bakeries in the UK providing gluten free products that people would not be able to tell apart from their gluten originals.


Keeping waste to a minimum has always been a priority for our team. This is why everything is baked to order. All of our products are baked fresh and distributed next day to maximise freshness. We’re very proud that this means the food waste from the bakery is practically zero!